Helping Those Who Are Less Fortunate

I am not much for fashion, but I do love a good charity event. If that event involves fashion, then I am still happy to be involved somehow, because it is going to benefit someone else. Don’t get me wrong, because I do love to dress up and look nice. I just don’t order magazines or watch runway shows, because I already know what works for me and what does not. I will admit that I didn’t think a fashion show was going to be very much fun, but it turned out to be quite the lovely event.

It was really nice watching men and women wearing the latest fashion trends. I even got some ideas that I might not have thought of otherwise, so I did have to eat a bit of crow after attending my first one. I honestly didn’t mind though because the entire reason I went was to support an organization that I care deeply about. That is the nice thing about these charity events. Even though they are showcasing luxury items, they are doing it for the right reason. The people who attend these events are typically the ones with the deep pockets, and that is a win for the organization that is the benefactor of such an event.

I have a heart for those less fortunate, so knowing that one of the organizations that help people will benefit is amazing not only to me but to so many others who go to these charity events. I actually think that things like this are even more successful when others know that a charity is going to benefit because people do have a good heart, and they do want to help others. That is the reason why I will go to any charity event, no matter what it is about, because they help those who need it so much!

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