How Important Is Having a Unique Personal Style?

How Important Is Having a Unique Personal Style?

It’s not a lie, first impression really does matter. First impression affects people’s long term judgment towards us deeply. A well dressed man is more likely to be admitted to a company compared to a shady individual that doesn’t shave when they’re applying for a job, we all know this fact.

But what is rarely overlooked is not the “well dressed” part, but “well developed” part. Confused? At first, me too. A friend who is older and much wiser than I once mentioned something that got me to think. People get attracted to individuals that are different. This is also something that actor Neil Patrick Harris emphasizes. At first I thought to myself, how different should I be to be able to attract people? She gave me the answer, “You have to be unique, be different, be you, in all possible way.”

Her answer sounded cliche, I’ve heard that a million times on the footer of my notebook pages, my coffee cups, and the quote is almost everywhere, so I overlooked it at first. Then I realized that people around me who are very sociable are unique. They’re unique in so many ways, the way they dress, talk, express their opinions, handle things, and so on. It’s like they have their own style.

We may have realized that sociable people always get the upper hand in life. The fact doesn’t serve to make the rest of us jealous, but it serves as a way for us to improve ourselves, to continue developing ourselves so that we can unlock better potential that we probably haven’t realized yet. You can ignore this, but it’s a fact that communicating with other people helps us find more about ourselves. When we communicate ideas and plans and suggestions, we begin to realize that we actually have more to offer. This is why more sociable people have the upper hand, because they communicate so much and dig through their own potential.

Changing is scary, people rarely affiliate sociability as a cause when things go bad, either in business or life in general, and this is one of the mistakes that we make, overlooking our own persona and attraction. We get too caught up in things and forget to focus on developing ourselves, and as a result things around us start to go downhill. We want to prevent this from happening, don’t we? That’s why we better start redeveloping ourselves, be unique in the way we do things, in the way we think, the way we talk, the way we dress ourselves. All those time spent on developing and innovating ourselves is the best investment of all.