How to Tell If Your Boyfriend Is a Player

How to Tell If Your Boyfriend Is a Player

How to Tell If Your Boyfriend Is a Player

Players can come in all shapes and sizes but usually have a few distinctive qualities that tell them apart. These qualities can all be seen, or found when looked for. It isn’t uncommon for women to date players without knowing what they are really like. They are usually very well dressed, well mannered, and have more lines then the bible ready to win you over in any argument, and they aren’t afraid to lie. If you’re even a little curious, or scared that you might be dating a player continue reading to check your man for some tell tale signs.

Denial of being a Player

One of the first things most players will say is that they aren’t one. They will usually tell you this is unjustified and they will act offended. They will act as if they are hurt by you even having to ask them. But deep down he will know that you are onto him and that his days playing you are numbered!

Smooth Talker

Does he have an answer for everything? If so, its due to the years of practice with other women. Do yourself a favour and don’t add yourself to the list. Most men won’t have an answer ready for everything, nor will a woman, it’s not natural. We aren’t built to completely understand someone from the get-go. Love takes time, patience, and actual work. Players don’t put in the work with you. They put it in with others and just repeat the same lines with all of their women. Your just unlucky enough to receive all the teachings they have learnt over their long career of misleading women.

Playing Hard to Get

Is he acting aloof most of the time? Players are normally only giving you the minimal amount of attention you desire (as they have other women to satisfy at the same time). They do this to keep you craving for more (and literally due to time constraints). They want you to lower your standards and beg for their attention. No woman should ever have to lower her standards or compromise her quality of life for a man. If your man is doing this to you, get rid of him.

So if you feel you are being played kick that player out of your life and regain your self respect. These types of people can only damage your self confidence and will only keep you down. You will soon realise that you can do better and move on to pastures new!

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