Top Six Tips on How to Attract Women

In life there comes a time when a real man will feel lonely. With this there is need to get the woman of your dreams. When one is in this situation, they have to hit the road and employ different tactics on how to attract women. Some men will fail to attract a woman not because they are ugly or even not shy, but the method they use to attract that girl. It becomes very easy to win any lady if one understands the best ways to attract. This can be done by employing different tactics that must be combined. Here are some tips to try.


One way on how to attract women is being confident and knowing what you want and what you are doing. Have the personality and character that is full of confidence. For any man who is not confident, one must make an improvement to their self- esteem and get to trust on oneself. This is the top tip for everyone who wants to attract any woman. Developing confidence when one is alone will reflect on your colors and who you are. Men who can reassure themselves will get attraction from women.


Grooming does not mean buying the most expensive clothes, perfumes and other expensive stuffs. Just use a simple clean haircut that is attractive. Use appealing cologne that you can afford. Ensure you are clean like having clean fingernails that are attractive. Clean clothes are all that matters even if they are cheap.

Get interest in many things

On how to attract women, show some-interest in different things.  Don’t just talk about ordinary things like job and movies. This will lead to boredom on the part of women. Develop interest in what the woman likes. For example if she loves swimming you can go together, play tennis together, visit museums and help in developing their hobbies.

Your company matters

When answering the question on how to attract women, a man should look carefully at their companions. Remember the lady will make judgments on the company you are keeping. Men who keep company in people who are drunk, always shouting and picking fights will not succeed in attracting women.

Be positive

It is ideal that for any man to attract a lady, they should show some good signs toward any woman they want. This will help in attracting their immediate interest within the man’s personality. With positive attitudes, they will have high chances of getting the attraction. Let your positive side shine for you.

Be calm

One way on how to attract women is to be calm toward ladies. Women hate men who are rude. In fact women want someone who is polite and courteous. Good mannerisms are what most women prefer. Any man can attract a woman if they understand ways of showing that they are polite toward them. Showing your calmness will mean more women are getting attracted to you.

It is also important to employ good conversation when talking. To make that attraction it is ideal that one learns the art of being a good listener. Argument that is unconstructive should be avoided. With this, one will attract any woman who knows there is somebody out there who is ready to listen.

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