5 Tips To Embrace Male Baldness

Face it or not more men go bald than women. Whether it’s due to your genetics or due to luck, it’s hard to accept that you only have a few hair on your head left. No more money spending on hair gels and shampoos. Well, isn’t that a money saving thing for you? Have you seen those rich bald heads balding so gracefully?  So, why do you worry about the thing that you no longer own, the best way is to embrace the baldness and move on to style your new look. It can obviously be a bit hard to accept in the start so we have come up with 5 tips that will help you embrace your baldness and move on.

  1. Grow more hair on your face: You only have been deprived of head hair, the rest hair on your body still remain the same. Now that you do not have any or enough hair on your head you can counter the loss by growing hair on your face. It is about balancing your baldness. You can grow a mustache or a beard the way you like it. Most men have balanced their bald look with growing a full messy beard. That’s one of the manliest things to see.
  1. Style what is left: Style what is left with you. You can shave your head fully and get rid of all those patchy hair that have been embarrassing you for long. Many famous men have opted this look and set the new trend. You can either do it on your own or go to a barber for having it all neat. You should pay attention to what you are wearing. Go for new styling options that you haven’t used before. E.g. if you have shaved your head, then wearing a lapel side vent would make you rock away your look in a casual or corporate setting.
  1. Cropped hairstyling: If you are not convinced about shaving the whole head, you can go for a cropped look. Short hair look better when you are facing baldness issues. This will also save a lot of money wasted on concealing and treatments (as they are obviously going to be of no use). Cropped hairstyle will also add confidence and define your look.
  1. Love the bald: Learn to love your baldness. Almost every other man (except for a few lucky heads) have to face baldness at some point in life. So you are not alone in this fight. There’s nothing to be ashamed about it. Learn to love the bald and make the necessary style changes to get a new look.
  1. Restore your self-confidence: The last step is to restore your self-confidence and lower the consciousness levels. You cannot move forward unless you restore your self-image. So, do not allow baldness to take the better of you. Do not compare yourself to men with fuller heads. If you feel yourself under stress stop looking in the mirror too often.

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