MLM Business Attracts Women World Wide

MLM Business Attracts Women World Wide

Women are looking for different ways of earning additional income while working a full time job or staying at home with their family. Many women get involved in Directing Marking because it is the only type of business start-up in which everything is set up for them. They pay a small fee of a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars as part of their start up cost and they receive everything they need to start and run their business and become part of a multi-million corporation. These new entrepreneur have no concerns about paying for business overhead or employees because they are working for themselves at home.

MLM Business Attracts Women World Wide

Most women like the idea of earning extra $300-500 cash each week part time. This additional income gives them options to get out of debt, or to pay for a special vacation or to place in their savings account for the unexpected.

There are two types of direct marketing companies. The first is the most popular. This is a business in which the independent consultants are selling consumable products. Most people get involved in this form of direct selling because it is easy to demonstrate actual products that customers can touch and fell and these products sell themselves. The second type of direct marketing business is when a company sells services that resolve consumers’ problems or concerns. The most popular are the companies that sell credit cards, legal services and insurance.

The first way women business owners make their money is through product demonstration or having a party (e.g. jewelry party, glamour party…). The average sales per class or party can range from $300 and up.

Another way, women in MLM business make their money is by selling directly to an individual interested in their products and services. This can be done through person to person interaction or via the internet.

Consumable products are one of the most lucrative businesses, because customers run out of their products and will call you to reorder their products. It usually takes less than an hour to demonstrate the products; yet, it pays distributor back over and over again. Depending on the products, the average customer reorders can range from $500 and more a year.

The key to success in direct marketing is selling products and building a team. By building a team independent consultants receives bonuses for everyone that enters their team and they move up into leadership with the company. Team leaders can potentially earn 4% – 26% or more in commissions from their team production. Now, team building commissions are in addition to the percentage of commissions earned for the products or services they sell.

Many Direct Marketing companies offer weekly success meetings. These meetings are led by team leaders (Sales Directors, Sales Nationals Directors), people that have moved up in the company’s ladder of success based on high sales and team building. These meetings are useful for training, motivation and weekly direction on how to build, operate and manage a business. Most of all, it is great place for business owners and team leaders to get awarded for work well done.

Direct Marketing (MLM) provides women with the tools, knowledge and support to succeed in their business. So why not get involved in Direct Marketing?

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