The Three Pillars of Hardware Cosmetology

The Three Pillars of Hardware Cosmetology

The modern beauty industry offers many options to improve the skin, slim the figure, rejuvenate the face and solve many other problems. The techniques of endosphere therapy, liposphere therapy, and LPG massage help to get rid of fat deposits without any extra effort, to improve skin elasticity. In many ways, similar hardware methods have advantages over others. What are they — let’s sort them out.

Today, every woman can use the development of specialists working in the beauty industry. Rejuvenate the face, slimmer figure, improve skin condition — and this is only a small part of the possibilities of the modern world. Having discovered the latest techniques, you cannot go back to the past. Endosphere therapy, liposphera therapy, and vacuum-roller massage are methods of the same “family”, but each of them has its own special features. Which ones? Let us examine them in detail.

Vacuum-roller massage

This method of vacuum-roller massage combines mechanotherapy and a method of decompression on the body. In contrast to lipo-sphere and endo-sphere therapies, we create a decompression effect on the skin, which is diametrically opposed to the two techniques described above.

The LPG (vacuum-roller) massage procedure stimulates blood circulation, improves lymph circulation, and helps to eliminate toxins. Applying vacuum-roller massage activates the process of cell regeneration, improves the production of protein structures, including collagen and elastin. This leads to an increase in skin elasticity.

Often the massage is used to achieve a lymphatic drainage effect and to combat localized fat deposits on the body. Vacuum-roller massage can also be used to correct facial contours and rejuvenate the skin. The LPG method is also used in medicine. It is used for quickly eliminating painful sensations caused by locomotive system disorders (sciatica, osteochondrosis, rheumatism, strained ligaments).

Vacuum-roller massage has no thermal effect on the body. The effect of the procedure is achieved by activation of metabolic processes, blood and lymph circulation in the tissues.

Summary of the vacuum-roller massage technique:

  • physical factors affecting the body: mechanotherapy with rollers, vacuum decompression;
  • the treatment is only done in a special endourologic combi unit;
  • contraindications include varicose veins in the extremities.

Endosphere therapy

The treatment is based on a combination of compression and vibration treatment of the tissue. The therapy is performed with a special device that is equipped with a manipulator with rotating rollers. The moving elements are of spherical shape and create both vibration and compression at the same time.

During manipulator movement, not only the skin and superficial tissues are affected, but also the deeper structures. While working with a client the beautician avoids problem areas that are undesirable to touch — these are areas with veins too close to the surface, moles and papillomas, wounds on the skin.

The practitioner controls the intensity of the treatment on the skin and tissue. The beautician varies the vibration frequency according to the client’s individual sensations.

Endosphere therapy can be used both for cosmetological and therapeutic purposes. It helps in the fight against cellulite and is prophylactic for varicose veins. Endosphere therapy is recommended in case of intense physical exertion to relieve muscular tension and recover faster.

Endosphere therapy is fundamentally different from liposphere therapy. The former technique does not allow you to work with a nozzle, which creates a thermal effect.

Summary of the method of endosphere therapy:

  • physical factors of exposure: compression and micro-vibration;
  • the treatment is performed only in oil without the use of overalls (suits);
  • varicose vein disease of the extremities is an indication.

Liposphere therapy

Developed by Swiss biochemist and inventor Michael Schmidt, this technology is aimed at combating excess fat and cellulite. The method combines the principle of laser lipolysis (1064 nm wavelength) and roller massage.

The method involves the use of an optimal laser wave, which is absorbed by fat cells (adipocytes) and converted into thermal energy. As a result, the degree of permeability of adipocyte membranes is increased. Their contents are released and then flushed out of the body through the excretory system. This is facilitated by the lymphatic drainage that takes place during liposphere therapy.

It is the combination of several effects on the body at once — exfoliation, lymph drainage massage, lipolysis, and the saturation of the skin with nourishing oils — that makes the lipo-sphere therapy procedure very effective.

The use of liposphere therapy makes it possible to

  • eliminate localized fat deposits;
  • stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, which helps to create a framework for adipocytes;
  • get rid of external and internal swelling;
  • nourish dry and dehydrated skin with nourishing oils and fill it with moisture;
  • detoxify the body.

Liposphere therapy works effectively for cellulite and other problems related to adipocyte tropism disorder.

Liposphere therapy allows the use of different nozzles for targeted treatment. In contrast to endosphere therapy, liposphere therapy does not only involve mechanical and vibration treatment of tissue but also treats it with a 1064 nm laser.

Summary of liposphere therapy methods:

  • physical factors of action: compression, micro-vibration, thermal effect, and laser treatment;
  • the procedure is performed both in oil without using an endourologic suit, and in a suit (different nozzles are selected for the work);
  • varicose illness of the extremities is an indication for use;
  • the procedure is performed while wearing protective goggles;
  • it is not contraindicated during lactation.


The principle of action of the devices for endosphere therapy and vacuum-roller massage are similar. Both techniques involve a direct mechanical effect on the skin and underlying tissue. Both have no thermal effect on the tissue. The difference between the two methods of correction is that the effect of endo-sphere therapy is achieved through micro-vibration and compression. In vacuum-roller massage, the vacuum grips the fold (decompression) and then works it through the rollers in the manipulator.

When comparing the sensations of the person undergoing the treatment, endosphere therapy causes little or no discomfort. Vacuum-roller massage may cause discomfort during treatment and muscle discomfort on the 2nd or 3rd day (as after a traditional massage) for people with a low pain threshold.

Liposphere therapy is the most advanced method of body correction. It combines mechanical effect on tissues, thermal effect (using a special attachment and suit), and laser treatment — on all layers of the skin and targeted to the hypodermis. This allows for maximum effect in a short period of time.  The treatment does not cause discomfort or pain, and the effects of liposphere therapy are noticeable after the first three sessions.

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