Where to Meet Girls: The 40 Best Places

Where to Meet Girls: The 40 Best Places

If you don’t know where to meet girls, there are many places to consider. It only takes a little creativity in figuring out where to look. Here are some places to look that you may not have considered before:

1. Shopping Malls – Girls love shopping, it’s a fact. You will always find plenty of women here – whether they are working there or shopping alone or with friends. A clever trick that sometimes works is to ask a girl if she could hold some article of clothing in front of her because you’re shopping for your sister and noticed that she has a very similar frame and body type2. Supermarkets – Lunchtime is an ideal time to visit the supermarket considering that is a popular time for the working woman to pick up groceries or to grab a quick bite to eat3. Food Courts – This is a must for men. Make sure you’re here during lunch. Busy single women tend to eat here regularly to save time4. Jewelry Stores5. Bus Stops6. Locations near Office Buildings – there are typically benches you can sit on7. Parks – Girls like to stroll around the park during their free time8. Playgrounds/Children Museums and Theaters – If you’re a single dad, this is a great place to consider. There are typically a lot of single moms here

In terms of young single women, such as students, be sure to check these places out:9. Laundromats 10. School/College/Campuses11. Libraries

Typically people can have coffee while doing work at home. Additionally they can read a book at home. That being said, girls who go to the following locations are there because they want to socialize and are therefore receptive to someone approaching them:12. Coffee Houses13. Bookstores

These places are certainly not Man’s favorite, however this is where you’ll find a lot of potential in terms of single women:14. Cooking Classes15. Photography Classes16. Gardening/Flower Shows17. Antique Shops

If you’re wondering where to meet girls who are more interested in a short-term relationship, you will typically find them in these locations:18. Restaurants that have bars19. Bars/Nightclubs/Night Spots – If you’re well off and have money to spend, these places can work pretty well. A lot of girls that hang out in these locations tend to be a bit more materialistic20. Concerts

A lot of intelligent and middle-aged women can be found in these locations: 21. Seminars22. Church23. Cultural Events24. Foreign Countries Associations25. Civic Groups/Religious Groups/Political Groups/Charity Groups26. Political Events27. Museums/Art Gallery/Recitals

Adventurous, health conscious, and athletic women can be found in the following places:28. Health Clubs/Gyms29. Yoga Classes30. Sporting Clubs and Associations31. Dance Classes32. Biking/Hike/Bike Trails/Running Marathons33. Health Food Stores

Women who may be vacationing, relaxing and looking for fun are found here:34. Barbecues/Block Parties/Festivals/Picnics35. Beaches and Pools36. Boat rental areas/Sailing37. Resorts/Cruises38. Horseback Riding39. Airports40. Personals – this refers to online personals, chat rooms, newspaper personals, video personals, telephone personals, etc. While this last one may be a bit more competitive for men, it is a sure thing when talking about where to meet girls.

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