For Women: Knowing When to Say “No”

There are many of us, the women who are vulnerable and give in to satisfy other people. But that shouldn’t be the case. All you need is a little control over yourself and learn the power of “No”. So under which situations do you say a “No”? Read on to find out.

Here are a few scenarios :

1) Say, you are going on a train. A lady comes and sits face to face in front of you but your gut instinct says you don’t like this lady. After a while, she asks for your phone number. Find some excuse to avoid giving her your number. Since your feelings about her are negative, it is possible she is involved in drug business or women trafficking. Avoid her at all costs and if possible, change your seat on the train.

2) Your husband brings a man to your home for lunch. Your husband seems to have found a good friend in him. At lunch while holding conversations, you have ill feelings towards the man. You don’t like the man, the way he talks, his manners, his get up and so on. You come to know your husband is partnering with him in his business. You feel agitated. After the man leaves, hint to your husband your opinion about the man and warn him against partnering with him. Tell him he could ruin everything in his business. That would lead your husband to think and eventually to negate the partnership.

3) Your husband is on a trip. But you don’t feel that much lonely because you are intimate with your lady neighbor and her daughters. All of a sudden a man comes to visit their home and starts to take interest in you. You have no interest in this man nor do you have plans to pursue any relationships with him. After he flirts and makes the first move towards you, be strong and say a big “No” to his offer. You don’t need this kind of man to complicate your life. Your husband will be back soon and you will be a family again.

4) Your child learns piano lessons in a music school. She has made friends with another girl of her age. Her mother comes to you with an offer. “Why don’t I take your daughter today to our home and she can stay the night and have a good time in my daughter’s company. I can drop her off tomorrow at your place in the late morning if you will give me your address.” Your answer should again be a big “No”. You don’t let your young and innocent daughter mix with strangers about whom you don’t know much. Say “No” politely and also say: My daughter is still not used to staying in other people’s home other than her own sweet home. That should keep this kind of strangers from bothering you or your daughter.

These are only a few circumstances in life you should be able to decide to give a “No” answer. It saves you from a lot of problems and stress. Why make your life complicated when you can keep it simple by saying an honest “No”? Gotcha?

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