Woman Know Thy Self Part

According to the bible in the book of Genesis chapter 2, the woman was specially made. Know yourself as a woman and know your purpose in your own life and in the life of your husband.

After God had created the whole earth and everything in it thereof, including the animals he then created Adam, whom he tried to find a help fit for but found non amongst the animals and so he realised that there was a need to create another being that looked more like Adam hence the creation of Eve. Adam saw her when he arose from his deep sleep and called her WOMAN which means made from the inside part of man.

Woman do you realise that before you were created, God had to make Adam sleep deeply so he could surgically operate on him in order to create you perfectly and uniquely? The woman is not and will never be a second class citizen or an after thought by God in creation contrary to popular opinion. Woman! How do you see your husband? How do you treat him? How do you relate with him? How do you present yourself to him? How do you manage the affairs of the home?

As a woman you are expected to act like the holy ghost towards your husband. Be that still small voice he hears when he’s about to do anything whether good or bad. Be just like the holy ghost is to a believer. You were created to fill that gap where the rib was removed. If you are not fitting right then you are not the correct rib that was removed from that man.

First and foremost, man was created after the image of God and so he likes to be worshipped, so worship him, adore him like the king he is to you.

As a woman, you were created with extraordinary strength. That is why a woman can come back from work, enters the kitchen, prepares the meal for the house hold to eat, wash clothes etc and till be the first person to wake the next day.

Without the woman life in its entirety will not be the same and the man will not be complete because something was taken from inside him to create the woman. The woman was made or created for perfection and with out her creation wouldn’t have been complete.

He calculates his each and every move, that’s why he does not just jump up and go or jump up and do any thing you say or do because he has to first weigh every move, idea, suggestion etc. Mean while the woman is very spontaneous. She is quick to shop, talk, act or do anything else and sometimes without thinking it through first she just ups and goes. Woman act just like ESTHER in the bible. If there is need for it depending on the brevity of the challenge at hand, I suggest you declare a FAST or go spiritual by way of prayers and fasting first about and over anything; talk, discussion or suggestions or anything you want to do with your husband so that, that way you would have cleared the air and sought clearance from a higher power God. Please ladies, always make it a point to ask God for directions and instructions on everything and all things at all times.

In summary women know that you are uniquely and perfectly created to complete the world of a man so no man should make you see yourself less than the standard set by God.

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