Four Deadly Mistakes to Avoid With Women

Dating can be exciting and refreshing for most men. It can add to your life a lot and even let you find the one woman to share your life with. But there are some mistakes you should be aware of and avoid like the plague when dating a woman.

Here are five of them to avoid at any cost.

I’ve spent many years of my life testing and learning until I could find the problems that my dating life was facing. This came to me as no surprise when I found out that most men had the same problems and issues when it comes to dating. These mistakes are universal and all men I know have fallen into one of them don’t get frustrated if you’ve ever made one, all of us did in some way or another.

Mistake number one: impatience.

This is a difficult one to spot, most men don’t know that they have this attitude, yet it’s so screaming to women. It’s the attitude of “I want it and I want it now”. You’ve got her phone number and the first thing you do when you get home is stare at it as a prize and then you find yourself calling her number, she will be friendly with you, but that’s all she will be. You have to be patient with women.

I’ve read a great compression between men and women:

Men are like gasoline, it burns fast and last few moments, women are like charcoal, it burns slow and lost for a long time. Use this analogy with women, don’t get too “gasoline” with them, give them time and they will appreciate it by giving you warmth and longtime fulfillment.

Mistake number two is: credibility.

Men will fall often for this too. Somehow men are weak at spotting the right signs. They may be dating a woman for a long time with nothing in mind to worry them until one day you are alone and hearth broken. Don’t believe what women will tell you or make you accept as true, they are great at hiding emotions and surprising you with their decisions. She may tell you that she likes you, but in fact she is finding you boring and can’t tell you this until one day she may dump you like nothing ever happened between you. Be suspicious with them, don’t believe what they say to you as the ultimate truth, instead learn to read their body language and interpret it the right way.

Mistake number three is: favors.

How can this be a mistake when all you are doing is helping someone else? This is quit contradicting and a hard-to-swallow-pill for most men, but you have to understand it for you to succeed with women. She may want you to be around her, say nice things to her, buy her things… but she will hate you inside for doing it. It’s a kind of test women will throw at you to see whether you’ve got your life together or not.

The solution: say NO.

If you feel she is exploiting you in some way, say no to her, and you should mean it.

Mistake number four is: body language.

To be accurate, it’s not a mistake; it’s an issue, a problem that most men have. They don’t know how to behave! They’ll lean forward too often, smile… Women will simply understand it as neediness, nothing more. Have a manly posture with women, hold yourself straight, have a deep voice, don’t speak from your chest make her feel she is with a strong man. Don’t be ashamed of your masculinity.

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