What Women Hate

What Women Hate

Since time immemorial, men are always having a hard time understanding women. Indeed, this is true and this is because women tend to contradict themselves. What they tell you may not be the same thing that is in their mind. For example, she may tell you she is okay but in her mind and in reality she is not. Another instance, she may ask your opinion about the dress she is wearing and when you say it does not fit her she storms out of the room. This is because she was secretly hoping that you would say the opposite and tell her that the dress suits her.

This is the very same thing why it is hard to figure out what women do not like about men. However, over the years relationship experts have compiled a list that contains some male characteristics or male attributes that women do not really appreciate.

Women do not appreciate men who act like security guards or monitors. This means that they do not appreciate being poked around about their day-to-day activities. They can even find regular phone calls annoying especially if you keep on calling her every fifteen minutes even while she is driving. If you do this, you will make her trapped and you will appear to her as a control freak.

Although bragging can catch a woman’s attention, this may not do you well especially on the first date. In the hopes of impressing a woman on the first date, you have the tendency to brag about anything in order to prove your masculinity. Unfortunately, this will give the impression that you care more about your money and your toys than her and women do not like that.

Insensitivity is something that women do not appreciate as well. They do not like it when you ignore their feelings and just yap about anything without considering how they feel. A little sensitivity will surely win their heart.

These are not the only things that women do not like about men.

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