Healthy Diet for Pregnant Women

Healthy Diet for Pregnant Women

Although you might be pregnant, you must plan a nutritious diet. This is considered one of the important things to perform to maintain your health. You have to make sure you eat the best balance of proteins, minerals, and vitamins. This will make sure that your baby gets what he/she needs to ensure that he/she can grow properly.

Since you eat for two main, you should add your consumption of calories in your case as well as your baby. Based on the American Dietetic Association suggestion, pregnant women should add 300 calories every day. It is over the number of calories that they consume before these are pregnant. The followings are a handful of nutrients that you must consume when you happen to be pregnant.


This nutrient is vital for your expansion of cell and blood manufacture of your infant. You will find that it is necessary for that function as well as the expansion of the placenta, the mother’s tissue as well as the amniotic tissue. For this, you need to consume 60 grams of protein every day during your pregnancy. This is 10 grams greater than you normally eat. Some foods which contain much protein are eggs, lean meat, milk, cheese, milk, and nuts.


Whole grains are essential because of the way to obtain energy for that rapid pace of growth for your child. This is because you’ll find complex carbohydrates in whole grain products. Instead of being essential for the baby, these are also crucial for that mother. These will help you fight constipation and nausea. In your pregnancy, you need to consume 6 servings of whole-grain products every day. You can find the whole grain products in cereals, whole-grain bread, pasta, oats, rice, barley, rye, and quinoa.

Vitamin C rich foods

Vitamin C is a vital antioxidant that is very useful to the development of gums, bones, and teeth of your child. You will find that vitamin C also very important for the absorption of iron. This also is very critical inside tissue repair and also the cell renewal. But, you should not consume this vitamin in a big portion. It is sufficient that you should consume 85 mg daily will do. You can find the supply of vitamin C in cabbage, lemon, broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower.

Folate-rich foods

This is vitamin B that will help the protein and blood development, reduce the possibility of neural tube defects and enzyme function. To get this, you’ll be able to consume turnip greens, spinach, collard green, and kale. You can also consume yellow fruits, beans, nuts, and peas. In this case, women that are pregnant should take in the 400 mcg of folate every day.

Iron-rich foods

If you might be pregnant, you’ll need 300 mg of iron each day. You need the iron to stop you from suffering anemia. You will find that this too crucial for your body. This will help the baby to stand for that first few months outside the womb. Foods that contain iron are pork, beef, shrimp, lamb, broccoli, salmon, egg yolks, asparagus, and nuts. But, you happen to be not in a position to consume the excessive volume of liver because this could cause birth defects.


Your use of calcium during your pregnancy will be really good for your development of your child’s bones and teeth. This will also help the nerve function. To ensure that you consume enough dairy food, you need to consume four servings of dairy foods. You can consume cheese, low-fat milk and yogurt daily. If you’re intolerant towards the lactose, you can consume salmon (with bones), sardines, spinach, and broccoli because of the source of calcium that you need.

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